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We're a Dutch software company that builds apps, websites and cloud platforms. The main focus of our products is simplicity and friendliness, although we know everything about complex business logic, working with APIs, SaaS platforms and integration with information systems.

Over the years we've worked on a lot of different projects. Live streaming, tutorial and video platforms, project management software and automation of business processes including ordering products at third parties, fully automated management of hardware, invoicing and payment processing.

What we're working on

Streaming Workforce

We've built an easy-to-use mobile app that allows mechanics to set up a live-stream that can remotely be joined by colleagues. In addition to their smartphone camera, mechanics can also use an action camera so their hands are free during work. The stream is recorded so that it can be shared with others and integrated with information systems. The platform supports real-time video drawing from both sides of the stream, snapshots, chatting, location data and markers for easy discovery.

Mobile App Web App API Backend Streaming service Cloud platform


Our social 'Business Process Management' solution. With the use of a simple, drag and drop, BPMN process modeller, automated business processes can be build in just a few minutes. Make immediate changes and improvements to your processes based on real-time process analytics and management reports. Employees are connected to each other via bullitin board and flow indicator and understand each other’s role in the process. As of March 2019, Swimboard has processed more than 260.000 activities!

Web App API Backend Cloud platform
Swimboard 1
Swimboard 2
Swimboard 3
Swimboard 4
Swimboard 5


RenderFarm.nu is a fully automated online render farm that is both simple and intuive: rendering CGI projects on high-performance servers was never easier. Clients can install a desktop application that syncs projects from their workstation to the storage service of RenderFarm.nu (comparible to Dropbox). Once all files are synced they can select their project, configure some settings and start a render. The output of the render will be synced back to their workstation once it's done. The software features automation of the render servers, real-time notifications, payment and invoicing

Windows + macOS Apps Web App API Backend Nextcloud integration Exact and Mollie integration

De Hosting Firma

De Hosting Firma is a hosting company based in Amsterdam. Their activities include domain registration, shared hosting, SSL certificates and virtual and dedicated servers. All these products can be ordered via the control portal. From configuring a product, ordering and installing the product (sometimes with third parties) to invoicing and maintenance, these orders are built fully automatically. Customers can manage their own products, while employees of De Hosting Firma have complete control of their business through the control panel that we have build.

Web App API Backend Product automation Exact and Mollie integration

Who we're working for

Open source

We are big fans of open source software, in fact we use it a lot in our projects. Some of our favorites are Laravel, Vue.js, Tailwind CSS and Node.js. Whenever we see an opportunity to open source a project where others could benefit from, we do it! Over time we've made a few package ourselves and these are some of them:

Laravel FFMpeg

We use this package ourselves in three different production environments. It provides an integration with FFMpeg for Laravel, including support for filters, HLS and other advanced features. It integrates with Laravel's Filesystem, configuration system and logging handling. As of March 2019, we've already converted more than 8000 videos with it!

Code example

    ->addFilter(function ($filters) {
        $filters->resize(new Dimension(640, 480));
    ->inFormat(new X264)
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Laravel API Health

Want to keep an eye on third party services your app uses? This is a package to monitor your own services and those from third parties. It can send a notification if a service goes down (or up!) and supports scheduling. You can create checkers for whatever API or service you want to monitor but it also comes with some built-in checkers so you can fire up some checkers really quickly.

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Laravel Single Session

This package prevents a user from being logged in more than once. It destroys the previous session when a User logs in and thereby allowing only one session per user. End result: deny multiple people from logging in with the same account (some users of this package use it in SaaS projects like Laravel Spark).

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