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Full automation of the largest Dutch CGI render farm.

When artists finish a 3D production, there is one last step before the final product can be delivered. This process is called “rendering”, and that is where all models, effects, and lighting get squashed into one image or video. takes over this rendering process with a cluster of fast computers and saves much time.

We came up with a solution that allows customers to use the Renderfarm easily. With a Dropbox-like application, their projects get synchronized with the storage backend. They can start a render directly from their computer or through the web application. The end product is automatically synchronized to their workstation, already while rendering. With smart software, we use the cluster optimally, and customers know exactly how much time and energy they can save.

What have we built?

  • Automated control of all nodes in the cluster

  • Desktop sync apps for Windows and macOS

  • Optimal sorting of the frames based on data

  • Intelligent queuing system

  • Neat web application with a clear queue

  • View rendered frames instantly

  • Notifications and status updates

  • Payment and invoicing system screenshot
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