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Process automation for all teams within the organization.

Swimboard is our solution for intuitive process management. With a powerful BPMN editor, administrators can design processes, divide them into tasks, and map out all possible routes. Attach teams, lead times, and input and output data to it, and Swimboard gets the teams going. Processes can be started manually, with an Excel import or automatically.

Employees get an overview of their work with convenient task listings. When opening a task, they see who has processed the previous one and perform the next task in the process. This insight encourages direct communication between the teams. Swimboard supports dynamic deadlines, has an incident module, can take working days into account, and is very flexible when managers need to divert a process.

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In addition to the numerous built-in reports, reports can also be compiled manually, even on different models. Up to now, Swimboard has processed more than 800,000 tasks!

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