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Tito Tasman

A meerkat who sends real letters to children during his world trip.

This adventurous pen pal writes personalized letters to children from many different countries! We got challenged to realize the technology behind this magical project. We came up with an app that parents can use to fill in questions so that the letters become extra personal.

With a smart editor, the writers can build letters, both visually and in terms of content. Our system ensures every letter is delivered to the right child, at the right time and with the right variables. Parents can give feedback on each letter and send in drawings, responses and crafts of their kids.

What have we built?

  • Android and iOS app for parents

  • Document editor to build personal letters

  • Insight into the status of letters (to be printed, to be send, sent, etc.)

  • A simple registration process for parents

  • Parents can fill in questions to personalize letters

  • Collection of drawings and responses of children

  • Smart notifications and reminders

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Tito Tasman
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