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Introducing Inertia.js Tables: a DataTables-like package for Laravel Query Builder

I'm thrilled to announce the release of a new package. It's a DataTables-like package for Inertia, Laravel, and Vue that comes with Tailwind-styled components and great features! You can search through your data, both globally and per attribute. There's support for pagination, sorting, column toggling, and you can predefine filters. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with Spatie's Laravel Query Builder.

In the first release, we support Vue 2.6 and Laravel 8, but there's a roadmap that includes support for Vue 3. The package consists of a server-side implementation and a client-side implementation, which are thoroughly documented at the GitHub repository. Installing the package and setting up your first table takes five minutes at most. Here's a sneak peek of what it can do:

You can find the package at GitHub.

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