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Our Open Source software has been downloaded 4.178.723 times!

We love the Laravel ecosystem, and we are a proud member of the community. As we're building projects with Laravel and our other two favorite frameworks, VueJS and Tailwind CSS, we gladly contribute by sharing our work. Here are some of our favorite creations, resulting in over 7200 stars on GitHub!

Laravel FFmpeg

This package provides an integration with FFmpeg for Laravel. Support for filters, HLS, concatenation, multiple inputs/outputs, image sequences (timelapse), complex filters and frame/thumbnail exports.

  • laravel
  • ffmpeg
  • audio
  • video
  • streaming

Laravel Paddle API integration for Laravel with support for Webhooks and Event handling.

  • laravel
  • paddle
  • api
  • payments

Laravel Analytics Event Tracking

Laravel package to easily send events to Google Analytics. Comes with a Blade Directive to easily store the Client ID and supports queued API calls.

  • laravel
  • google analytics
  • api
  • events

Laravel Cross Eloquent Search

This Laravel package allows you to search through multiple Eloquent models. It supports sorting, pagination, scoped queries, eager load relationships and searching through single or multiple columns.

  • laravel
  • mysql
  • eloquent
  • search

Laravel Verify New Email

This package adds support for verifying new email addresses: when a user updates its email address, it won't replace the old one until the new one is verified.

  • laravel
  • email verification

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