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De Hosting Firma

Build a management tool that everyone understands.

This Amsterdam-based company was in search of a modern control panel for their customers and a comprehensive management system for its employees. We developed a system in which customers configure their desired solution step by step. Orders are processed automatically through integrations with suppliers and their server park.

In the control panel, customers can get the most out of their hosting products. They can configure everything down to the last detail, and useful tools are built-in, such as an email migration tool. For the employees of De Hosting Firma, we built many tools that take over activities that were previously performed manually.

What have we built?

  • Modern and convenient portal for customers

  • Automation of the ordering process

  • Solution for renewals, reminders and administration

  • Monitoring of servers and external services

  • Network and server management for employees

  • Integration with payment and billing systems

  • Administrative dashboards for employees

Curious about De Hosting Firma? Watch their videos:

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