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Build Laravel apps even faster with the Jetstream Starter Kit for Laravel Splade

It's been a while since I blogged about Laravel Splade, but a lot has happened since the last blog post. Splade is gaining traction, and usage numbers are increasing! Many already use it to build their projects, leading to many feature requests and bug and support tickets. Thanks everybody for providing feedback and helping out with PRs!

I want to highlight a few new features, starting with handling existing file uploads with Filepond and Spatie's Media Libary. In addition, there's now a client-side Event Bus and Global Data Store, there are translation files for over 20 languages, the confirmation dialog may now ask for a user's password, and there's a new Rehydrate component. This one allows you to refresh sections of Blade templates. Most existing components got additional features as well, like submitting forms in the background, and the Defer component got much more powerful.

Today is another step in improving the Splade ecosystem by releasing the Jetstream Starter Kit for Splade. While there was support for Breeze, many people have been asking about Jetstream. Luckily, the wait is over. The Starter Kit is mostly the same as the first-party variant. It's got all the authentication features like two-factor authentication and session management, as well as API support and team management. Just like the Breeze starter kit, we aim to keep it similar to the upstream as much as possible.

Next up... the Splade Demo app. Stay tuned!

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