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“Can we provide mechanics with a second pair of eyes?”

To answer that question, we dove into the world of action cameras, streaming protocols, and media servers. We built an app that allows technicians to start a live stream at the touch of a button, without further configuration. They can invite colleagues to participate, and the platform record the stream automatically.

During the development, we immediately incorporated new insights and ideas. We found ways to draw on the live video in real-time, both as a streamer and viewer. Users from both sides of the stream can add snapshots and tags. They can also follow the technician on a map based on live GPS data.

What have we built?

  • App to stream on location

  • Support for streaming with action cameras

  • Watch live in the app or web portal

  • Real-time drawing and marking

  • Video platform to replay streams

  • Web portal for management and conference

  • Automatic archiving and sharing options

  • Location, snapshots, chat, tags

Streaming Workforce app on Android phone
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