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I'm recording the complete Laravel documentation as video screencasts, and you can join the process of building this platform.

Today I want to share the birth of a new project with the Laravel community: Artisan School. The primary goal is to provide high-quality Laravel screencasts where I mix the Laravel documentation with real-life examples. Besides the video content, I want to create a place to discover code examples, links to resources, and additional content.

I've had the idea to record the complete Laravel documentation as video material for a while now. As you might know, I'm running a YouTube channel where I do live coding sessions now and then. However, due to the development of Launcher and other projects, the weekly schedule was not so weekly anymore, and I feel it's time to take it to the next level!

Starting next week, you can expect the following:

I'll upload new videos directly when they're ready, not waiting until I produce a complete collection of videos.

Artisan School

Want to keep notified about Artisan School? I've created a small landing page with a sign-up form. I'll start publishing the first videos soon, so please leave your email address to stay in the loop! There's also a new Twitter account where I'll post the videos as well.

Do you have ideas or suggestions for this platform? Don't hesitate to send me a message, for example, on Twitter :)

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