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Hey! Did you hear about Laravel Splade? 🤩

It's the magic of Inertia.js with the simplicity of Blade. Splade provides a super easy way to build Single Page Applications using Blade templates. Besides that magic SPA-feeling, it comes with more than ten components to sparkle your app and make it interactive, all without ever leaving Blade.

Toggle Xdebug on macOS from the terminal

When you have the Xdebug extension for PHP installed and enabled, most of your PHP code will run notably slower. A little helper tool called 'Xdebug Toggler for OSX' provides an easy way to quickly enable or disable Xdebug from the terminal:

You can find the source code on GitHub and installing it is easy with Homebrew:

brew install xdebug-osx

# outputs the current status

# enables xdebug
xdebug-toggle on

# disables xdebug
xdebug-toggle off

# toggles xdebug without restarting apache or php-fpm
xdebug-toggle on|off --no-server-restart

By the way, starting from version 1.3.0 (which has not been released yet), Composer will automatically restart PHP without Xdebug to save some time.

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